We measure our success on our impact, not our profits.

Our brand image and name is the Spangled Drongo. It’s an old world woodland bird found along the East-Coast of Australia and is the only Drongo that inhabits this continent. Drongo's are acrobatic fliers and fearsome protectors known to take on birds of prey twice their size to protect their young. Other bird species take nest near Drongos to gain this same protection.

We respect and admire the work that the Drongo does in defending other species. Every beer we brew is to help protect threatened and endangered animals.

THE founding DRONGOS

Brian is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest Kite Surf travelling a whopping 2,780.16km. He's got over 15 years brewing experience including time spent with Balter and Stone & Wood. He's an environmentalist, vegan, and he makes the beer.

Steve has lived and breathed skateboarding his entire life, from the ground up as a volunteer through to becoming the go-to skate guy in Australia. He runs a skate inspired experiential marketing agency working with the likes of; Skate Australia, STOKE Skateboarding, Nike SB, adidas, Volcom and Redbull across APAC.

Tom is a civil engineer with a masters in renewables. He is a Pollinate city co-founder, where he lived in India providing renewable energy to urban slum dwellers. He co-founded tuktukrental.com in Sri Lanka that helps boost the lives of local tuktuk drivers by renting their vehicles to tourists. He runs the annual TukTuk Tournament which is a real-world gameification event that encourages sustainable tourism.

Our initial concept was to open a brewery cross skate park in the Regent Cinema located in Murwillumbah, NSW. Unfortunately, after two 1/100 year floods impacted Northern NSW in February 2022, our plans didn't eventuate.

Two days after the flood peaked, we converted our flooded brewery into the regional flood response and volunteer centre. We must stress that the work completed was not done by us or any individual alone. It was done by thousands and thousands of selfless Australian citizens who volunteered their time to help others. We can't thank them enough.

During our time running the centre, we delivered over 27,000 meals, distributed over 5000 volunteers, mapped 1300 flood affected households completing baseline needs assessments, raised over $200,000 to help flood affected community members, ran a free equipment hire service, mobilised doctors, nurses, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other skilled personnel to people in need.

We had volunteers digging people out of landslides, kayaking over water crossings to deliver essential supplies, hiking many kilometers to deliver food/water and many more untold acts of heroism.

At Spangled Drongo we don't work for money, we work for impact. Like all Drongo's, we have flaws and make mistakes, but we try our very best to have a positive impact on this world.

our community means the world to us



We brew beer to save endangered Australian animals through a partnership with the Australian Wildlife Conservatory. We brew the beer, sell the beer, then give them money.


Animals don't exist without habitat. Instead of saving a particular animal, we have decided to focus our impact on preserving and enhancing the habitat that is left behind. In this way, we can help protect land and habitat for future, and for all animals.


Without community, we don't exist. We want to help boost the lives of others around us. We will continue to support local initiatives and help others in need. Please reach out if we can help!

If you bring good people together, you guarantee a good time.


We're all about bringing good people together. You can catch us in the wild wagging our tailfeathers at a variety of events in the region. For the most up to date info please see our Instagram page linked below.